Why You Should Consider a Business School

15 Sep

Why You Should Consider a Business School

A business school can open up exciting opportunities regardless of whether you’re just out of college or you’ve been employed for a couple of years. Here is a quick rundown of the most compelling reasons to apply to a B-school.

An easier career transition or a move up

A 2017 study by the Graduate Management Admission Council reveals that 52 per cent of B-school alumni work in an industry or a job function different from the one they did prior to joining business school. Two out of five work in an industry that was not on their radar before business school.

On the other hand, if you have two or more years of experience in a specific area of interest, your B-school experience is sure to refine your skills, expand your knowledge and help you get better at what you do best.

To discover your strengths and interests

In the first year, core courses in most business schools focus around topics such as accounting, finance, statistics, economics, marketing, leadership and business strategy, to name some. In the second year, you will need to pick a focus/specialization that reflects your interests. You have sufficient time to determine the functional area that best matches your interests and abilities.

To be gainfully employed and financially secure

An MBA can land you a job quicker than if you had just a bachelor’s degree, which means you can become financially independent faster. At top business schools, the average starting salary of graduates easily covers the cost of the degree. With experience, salaries, bonuses and perks can increase substantially.

If your goal is entrepreneurship, you can consider an MBA entrepreneurship program that helps you launch your venture in a focused way. You can aim to be a leader in your industry or sell your business for millions and live the life you want!

Networking and valuable contacts

It’s not what you know but who you know that matters, and no other educational institution promises the networking opportunities and helpful contacts that B-schools readily deliver. Alumni associations are always willing to share their advice and give you a heads-up on new job openings or investment opportunities. The personal connections you build with a diverse population of peers from all backgrounds will surely help you broaden your perspectives and be of use some time or other.

The Math isn’t so difficult

Ever wondered why even Liberal Arts majors apply to business degrees? Mathematics, which is an essential part of developing analytical and critical skills, is not as difficult as you may imagine. If you find yourself struggling with calculus or abstract algebra, you can join a tutoring class to get up to speed.

Business schools are a playground of interesting and ultimately beneficial discoveries – don’t hesitate to take the plunge