Executive Programs

For professionals and executives

High Impact Strategy Management

Does your strategy needs new strategy? In ever changing marketplace you need to bring the breakthrough thinking in to continue winning.

We assist you to:

  • Project and outline the long term vision
  • Develop winning enterprise strategy with 3-5-year horizon
  • Identify key ‘must win’ battles, assign and track them to win in the market place
  • Align leadership team for seamless execution and high impact


Target Audience:  Leadership team  (CEO / business unit head and his/her direct reports)

Duration:  4 days

Languages: French / English

Instructor: Sanja Fabrio

Management Workshops and CEO / top executives mentoring

We help you, corporate athletes to sharpen your focus on key success factors, manage your business effectively and develop driven and committed teams.


  • Organizing for effectiveness (functional, matrix, project mode organisation)
  • Piloting instances (Board of Directors, Executive committee, others)
  • Dealing with regulatory pressures
  • Decision making
  • Recruitment and talent development
  • Team motivation, goal setting, delegation, control
  • Risk and initiative taking
  • Crisis management
  • Cohesion of the Executive Committee
  • Practices of the management committee
  • Cultural and intercultural transformation
  • First 100 days in a new position –enabling flying start performance
  • Internal and external communication

Target Audience:

  • Manager in his current position,
  • Manager in evolution – prepare your next position or develop an individual project
  • Manager in his first 100 days

Duration:  2 day workshop per selected topic and optional in-company mentoring

Languages: French / English

Instructors: Sanja Fabrio and selected subject matter expert

From idea to product launch - RocketLifeCycle

You want to have one language across teams and get them take responsibility for a successful product launch?

You want to get the latest on the product management and share best practices with your likes?

You want those who launch your next product to focus on market share growth and profitability?

With the fast changing markets and innovation explosion companies are hard pressed to keep pace and adapt quickly. Product managers are in the heart of this need and truly good ones are hard to find.  We help bring them to you.

This course

  • Focuses on the areas of highest organisational impact and ROI
  • Fosters an agile and lean working methodology of product development, shortening time to market and cutting cost compared to traditional methods
  • Enhances skills and competencies that otherwise come only with long-term experience

Target audience: Newly appointed and experienced product managers, marketing and sales managers, anyone who wants to leave with the latest practice in product management

Duration:   Through extensive (10 weekly modules) or condensed (5 weekly modules) version  we adapt to your needs and focus. A refresher 4 day course is also available.

Languages: French / English

Instructors: Sanja Fabrio & Berardino Turchi

Multiplying the Power of Expertise - RocketBrainSharing

You bring a challenge, we help you solve it.

  • Expert immersion and group brainstorming into company’s key challenge
  • Network of selected external experts with functional and general management expertise and international experience to choose from,
  • Result oriented takeaways as outcome
  • You get to choose the best brain to help you with the solution implementation

Target audience:  Corporate management teams

Duration:   1 – 3 day facilitated expert brainstorming at the company or AGSB premises. Optional corporate mentoring for the implementation of the chosen direction

Languages: French / English

Instructors: Sanja Fabrio,  Berardino Turchi and selected functional experts

Intrapreneurship and innovation

Make intrapreneurship a driver of your company culture and unlock new business opportunity

  • Targeted effort to develop a lasting culture of internal entrepreneurship
  • Fostering entrepreneurial mindset, creative thinking, risk taking and innovation
  • Lean approach, digital transformation and change management

Target audience: Executives and companies wanting to enable the innovative and entrepreneurial corporate culture

Duration:   Project based, with possibility to host an expert in Intrapreneurship and innovation in your company while project lasts

Languages: French / English

Instructors: Sanja Fabrio with Jonathan Clay

Shared Leadership and Agile Management

When Two Heads Are Better Than One

  • Learn how the future of work is being created in self organizing teams with focus in agility, autonomy and continuous improvement.
  • See how companies from multiple industries like healthcare, manufacturing, food processing, and software development have unleashed incredible growth and creative through shared leadership and agile management practices.
  • Take home easy to implement tools to benefit from the novel approach of holacracy and self-empowerment.

Target audience: CEO and the management teams

Duration:  2 day workshop

Languages: English

Instructors:  Rodney Reis and Sanja Fabrio

SwissApproach SA

First 100 days of new CEO

You have just been appointed to the top job.  Ensure that all odds are on your side to succeed.

We assist you to:

  • Take charge and deliver results
  • Shorten time to be fully productive
  • Manage expectations of the Board, your direct reports and other stakeholders
  • Establish credibility and earn trust as a successful leader

Target audience:  Newly appointed CEOs and heads of business units

Duration: 3 days + individual coaching throughout the first three months

Languages: French / English

Instructor: Sanja Fabrio

For Graduate students

First 100 days in a new job – workshop and individual coaching

You have or will shortly land your dream job. Ensure you put everything on your side to hit the ground running.

We help you to:

  • Prepare for a flying start in a new corporate environment
  • Shorten time to the full productivity on the job
  • Deal effectively with expectations, hierarchy, peers, workload, communication etc…
  • Earn trust and respect in your new position

Target audience:  New graduates who have or will shortly start a corporate job

Duration: 3 days + individual coaching throughout the first three months

Languages: French / English

Instructor: Sanja Fabrio