Executive MBA Program

This Executive MBA Program has been specifically developed for the very busy professional who cannot detach themselves from their weekly chores. All has been done by AGSB to facilitate their acquisition of graduate knowledge by offering a plethora of study support material, personalised tutoring and a simplified logistic.

AGSB already has, in fact, a Full time MBA Program followed by student who can afford to detach themselves for a long period of time from their profession.

Furthermore AGSB professors have already a deep understanding of all the business issues taught, and several years of professional practice.

In synthesis our Executive Program is articulated as follow.

Program completion

No more than three years will be allowed for the program’s completion.

Each week-end seminar will be provided once a month.

The first 9 seminars should be completed in something between 12 to 24 months, in order for the student to be able to explore and deeply absorb the nine subjects.

Three specialisation seminars will top the compulsory nine and are intended to meet the specific requirements of the student’s working reality and in order to guarantee the acquisition of a high level of professional expertise in the chosen area of specialisation.

Their schedule will be managed on an individual basis, and will be closely monitored by the Program Coordinator (PC) who will appoint a qualified professor for mentoring the student throughout these specialised seminars.

These seminars will each be offered on a one week-end day, but, under special circumstances, may be also schedule through individual tutoring with the appointed professor.

Core courses

Organisational Behaviour/ or Change management
Business Law
Managerial Communication/or Marketing Communication
Marketing Management
Managerial Accounting
Managerial Finance
Supply-chain Management/ or Purchasing and Sales
Strategic Planning
HRM /or Business Negotiation


The first 9 seminars are compulsory and are intended to provide the basic business supporting elements for the student to cope with the specificities of today’s economic environment.

Each one of the nine preliminary seminars are scheduled to allow professional students with the possibility to minimize their commuting to and from AGSB, such as:


11.00 – 14.00
14.30 – 19.00


8.30 – 11.00
11.30 – 14.00

No Final exam is required

The three specialisation seminar should be taken only after completion of the first nine compulsory seminars, but, and only with the approval of the PC, can be taken after having completed at least 6 of the compulsory course.

AGSB support

Once admitted and registered, the student will be allowed to use all our resources in order to complete his/her programme as satisfactorily as possible, by meeting the higher standards of the major International Business Schools.