Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Our BSBA program offers a practical foundation in international business and a uniquely global undergraduate experience. It will prepare you for a competitive and critical thinking world.

The AGSB undergraduate program is designed for the high school graduate with minimal work experience so that the participant will build on his/her knowledge and develop his/her skills to successfully contribute to any business organization in an entry level general management position.

Year l: The basic skills that you will need in your future role as a manager

In year 1 of the bachelor’s program, courses focus on fundamental management concepts as applied to the business world, including accounting, economics, marketing, ethics and management.

You will start working on group projects to develop your interpersonal and leadership skills. You will also take courses in academic writing to enhance your communication skills.

By the end of your first year at the American Graduate School of Business, you will have acquired a set of core decision-making skills that will enable you to effectively deal with day-to-day problems in a business management context.


Business Information Systems
Business Ethics
Principles of Management
Business Statistics
Oral & Writing Communication
Business Math
+ Topical Courses

Year 2: Further develop your management skills


Global Economics
Introduction to Business Finance
Management Information Systems
Principles of Management
Human Resource Management
Corporate Finance
+ Topical Courses

In year 2,  you will build on the knowledge you acquired in year I and will continue to study the same subjects at a more advanced level, Teamwork will be on integral part of your studies, providing you with the skills needed to be an effective team member in your future career.

Year 3: Bring together all the skills, knowledge and experience, acquired since your first term

In year 3, you will have broad range of hands-on learning opportunities.

You will study political Science, portfolio management, supply Chain Management and participate in practical case studies, working closely with industry experts who will provide you with valuable advice.


Business Strategy
Political Science
Supply Chain Management
Capital Budgeting
Operation Management
Capstone Project
Marketing Research
Portfolio Management
+ Topical Courses