Students may register in as many as six (6) courses per term representing sixty (60) hours of work per week, depending on schedule and availability. Students are considered for full-time courses as well as part-time.

“Full-time status” students will need to complete at least four (4) courses in a previous term and be registered for at least four (4) courses in a present term.

All other students will be considered as “part-time”. Note that students who lose their full-time status can face a penalty from the Swiss authorities and may no longer be able to stay in Switzerland if such a decision is taken.

Registration Period

A one week registration period for all students commences at the beginning of each term: Fall, Winter and Spring. Registration and enrolling into courses requires the complete payment of all tuition and outstanding fees.

A student registration is typically considered to be final. However, during the Registration period and the first week of classes, students may enroll in courses on an “Audit” basis. Auditors are subject to attendance regulations, tuition charges and to conditions imposed by respective professors. Although auditors receive no academic credit, a notation of audit is entered on record stating that the corresponding professor’s requirements have been met. Audited courses may not be changed to credit courses, and vice-versa after the second week of term.

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