Doctorate Program

The business school will consider all completed applications and will contact applicants within a reasonable period, as soon as a decision has been made. Admission to the American Graduate School of Business is, however, subject to a limited number of enrolments; it is, therefore, possible that not all qualified applicants are always accepted. In such instances, the institution accepts those with the strongest qualifications and potential.

The admission to the doctoral studies requires in general a master’s degree from a higher education institution recognized by the American Graduate School of Business.

Generally, a minimum of 3 years full-time work experience is required before entering the graduate program and one of the recommendation letters must come from an employer or supervisor.

The American Graduate School of Business requires a minimum TOEFL score of 250 for the computer-based test, 600 for the paper-based test or 100 for the internet-based test in order to be considered for admission.

General requirement

The institution places high emphasis on written communication skills. All students are expected to significantly improve their communication in English during their studies at AGSB.

All students are therefore required to write a personal essay order to determine the starting point for the improvement of their language skills in written English. If the student is accepted, this essay remains the first component in their portfolio. The essay or motivation letter should be at least 500 words in length. You should tell the story of your academic development and any other work experience you have had in a first-person narrative. You should explain your reasons for applying and how you expect the American Graduate School of Business to further improve your present career goals.

AGSB operates on a rolling admission basis. The school, therefore, needs completed application paperwork as well as all academic records and applicable fees to be received by the admissions office within a minimum of ten weeks before the start of each term.

If accepted, prospective students will receive an official Letter of Acceptance and an invitation to enroll. At this time, students will also be advised with further information that would be needed in order to complete a student record file. A payment schedule for the tuition fees is indicated on the Financial Information Sheet sent with the Letter of Acceptance. To reserve a place at AGSB students must submit appropriate paper work and finances within 30 days of the Registration Fee payment.

AGSB operates within a term based system. The academic year begins in September and ends in July with three academic terms (Fall, Winter and Spring) offered during this period:

Fall Term:            Sept to Dec

Winter Term:      Jan to April

Spring Term:      April to July

There are twelve (12) weeks of study per term, including one week of examinations and for the fall term, one week of orientation, which makes a total of 36 scheduled weeks in the year.

There are twelve (16) holiday weeks per year, 4 weeks beginning in December, 2 weeks in April and 8 weeks from the end of July.

Examination periods usually occur in the middle and at the end of each term. Holiday periods vary, but there is usually one short break in December, another break in Spring as well as a longer break in July/August.

Our immigration advisory services team can help with questions about visas and student permit B. We will assist you with the application process in applying through the Embassy of Switzerland in your Country.

Please note that it may take longer sometimes to get your visa as many students apply. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents for your application. We are always ready to help you with your application.

Pre-arrival procedure

You must complete and take the following documents to the visa department of your nearest Swiss embassy:

  • Application Form (Visa D)
  • Valid Passport (plus one copy)
  • Acceptance Letter of enrollment at AGSB
  • Plan of studies
  • “Written undertaking” (stating that the student will leave Switzerland at the end of studies)
  • CV/résumé
  • A signed letter of motivation stating both the reason for studying in Switzerland and detailing your post-study plans
  • Bank certificate indicating that student has an active account with sufficient amount
  • Six passport photos (35mm x 45mm)

Once the visa application documents have been submitted, it takes a minimum of eight weeks for a student to receive a Swiss entry visa. This allows them a fixed time period during which to enter Switzerland. Once in Switzerland, AGSB will assist and inform students about the next steps regarding their resident permit process.

Working in Switzerland: non-EU citizens are not allowed to work on a student visa in Switzerland.

Post-arrival procedure

Residence Permit

All of the following forms, as well as detailed instructions on the residence process, are available at the student affairs office. Make sure that you visit the office on campus before you do anything so that our staff can ensure that you have all your paperwork filled out correctly and that you take all the necessary steps to complete it.

The language of instruction at AGSB is English and a significant amount of English reading and writing is required from students, in order to achieve success in all courses. All students must demonstrate adequate language proficiency prior to their admission. In all cases, the university reserves the right to request a proficiency test. Proficiency will normally be recognized if students have completed any of the following conditions:

  • Attendance for at least three recent full years of study in an institution where the sole language of instruction is English;
  • Obtaining Standard level or higher, in the International Baccalaureate (IB);
  • Obtaining the American or British Option International du Baccalaureate (OIB) of the French Baccalaureate.

If none of these conditions apply, the student must write a pre‑admission English test. Proof of proficiency in English must be provided by achieving the appropriate score on one of the following:

  • At least 600 / 100 points score in a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). AGSB code is 9756;
  • At least 6.5 score in an International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Test results must be reported directly to AGSB Admissions by the test center. Results that are more than two years old will not be accepted as proof of language proficiency.