Doctorate in Business Administration

Reflecting on your practice. Improving through research.


The Aim of the Program

The Doctoral Program at the American Graduate School of Business aims to incrementally develop students’ higher-order business skills and competencies along with an enhanced emphasis on conducting and interpreting research. The DBA heavily emphasizes the theoretical formulation and conduct of research. Doctoral business students are typically exposed to a wider variety of readings involving journal and research articles, as opposed to predominantly textbook based material. DBA students are expected to perform at the highest level regarding the analysis and synthesis of a wide range of business material. DBA research can be ‘niche’ oriented and can involve a reasoned critique of existing theories and paradigms, and/or the formulation of theories of relevance to the scope of the thesis problem. AGSB faculty members will guide their dissertations.


The objectives are:

  • Extend professional knowledge through research and the application of personal competencies.
  • Facilitate in-depth studies or particular areas in Business Administration.
  • Provide access to the latest academic tools and concepts.
  • Develop the ability to carry out independent research at an advanced level.


For whom?

AGSB’s doctorate program is offered to professionals who wish to accomplish their managerial studies through research and applying practical aspects to learning for the future. It provides a flexible and independent alternative to traditional higher degree studies and is based on research and specialization in areas of professional practice. Our DBA students are business professionals looking to acquire additional qualifications as a researcher. Typically, they have significant business work experience and managerial knowledge, have already acquired an MBA (or a Masters in a Business discipline), and now desire to improve upon their knowledge as a business practice through research. Furthermore, those desirous of a career in academia or in a predominantly research function with a government/educational agency/economic think tank/other research-based agency are predominantly disposed to getting a DBA degree.



  • The student has to first terminate the research methodology module, to secure rapid progress in the completion of the program. It will provide the foundation in both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Set of DBA modules, which are updated and modified each year, are offered throughout the year to support the candidate’s learning objectives and successful research process.
  • Direct contact and guidance by highly qualified professors/experts to supervise the candidate’s research.
  • 75 credit hours of research methodology and modules/seminars.
  • A final Thesis report has to be submitted to the Academic counselor prior to the defense.