Association Vaudoise
des Ecoles Privées (AVDEP)
  • An associative network – non-profit-making and apolitical – of private schools, regrouping general teaching and professional training organisms, day or boarding schools, established in the canton of Vaud and addressed to pupils and students of all age and origin, without discrimination of race or confession.
  • A panel of teaching programmes of higher education training syllabus and educational services in a prestigious multi-cultural environment. Diplomas, recognised worldwide, certify the quality and the reputation of the pedagogical stamp « Swiss-Schools ».
  • A group of boarding schools with international vocation and renown which offer a frame, high-level educational conditions and performances, responding to the needs and requirements of all nature and all origin.


Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPS)

The excellent reputation of Swiss schools is based on several factors such as a longtime pedagogic experience and the site in a multicultural as well as multilingual country. In addition thereto, "Swissness" in the field of education, a high standard of living, openness on one side and discretion on the other side as well as the political security of our country are part of the excellent reputation of Swiss schools. Private education and training establishments perform an important complementary function within the Swiss national education system, which is governed autonomous by each of the country’s 26 cantons. Therefore Switzerland represents a differentiated and innovative educational system, which is bound to multilingualism, respect for other cultures and a demanding quality in education.

For these reasons Switzerland holds all the aces in international competition. This has great importance in a global world, in which training systems and graduations have to be comparable and mutual acknowledged. It is the goal of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools to manifest and ensure the significant value of these educational establishments all over the world. According to our typical Swiss combination of public and private educational offers we have a powerful basis from which to keep and develop the reputation of Switzerland as a centre of educational and research excellence at home and abroad.


Quality International Study Abroad Network (QISAN)

The Quality International Study Abroad Network enables the highest standards of working practice for Educational Institutions who serve a range of International Students. QISAN accreditation only accepts private colleges who can demonstrate professional and ethical practice in recruitment and delivery of high quality and relevant programme’s of study. Quality assurance is of the utmost importance to the QISAN network and being approved by such a network demonstrates the quality of education students can expect from AGSB.


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