The American Graduate School of Business maintains strategic collaborations with commercial, academic and community-based partners around the globe.

These ties provide a global mix of opportunity and initiative including professional and academic mobility, international internships, management development programs for leading international businesses, and collaborative educational partnerships with government and university partners.

Program Partners

Dual Degrees, Exchange & Faculty Exchange


  • CUN Corporación Unificada Nacional
    • BSBA Student Exchange
    • Faculty Exchange
    • BSBA Double degree programs


  • American University of Science and Technology
    • MIBA student exchange
    • MIBA Double Degree Programs
    • Faculty Exchange


  • University of Guadalajara
    • Student Exchange
    • Faculty Exchange
    • BSBA & MIBA double degree programs

United Kingdom

  • Regent's University London
    • Student Exchange
    • Faculty Exchange

United States

  • Rutgers Business School
    • Faculty Exchange
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