Broad-based student learning goals

  1. An AGSB alumnus will be a valuable contributor to the general management of any business environment because of the general knowledge in the functional areas of management gained through their course of study.
  2. An AGSB alumnus will be recognized in any business environment because he/she demonstrates competency in using tools for analytical problem solving and complex decision making of the kind encountered in general management.
  3. An AGSB alumnus will have improved his/her personal skills as a communicator in business general management circumstances. He/she will be able to appreciate to the value of differing points-of-view, as well as being able make reasoned judgements that are logical and supported (by engaging in critical thinking).

Broad-based operational goals

  1. Provide the leadership and long-term vision to involve all stakeholders in a combined and collective success for AGSB.
  2. Provide a business education experience that is relevant to International Students and delivered in a nurturing environment by a team of dedicated faculty and staff.
  3. Provide the counselling and staff services to promote personal student success, both in academics and as outstanding members of their community.
  4. Provide the encouragement and resources to maintain an attitude of optimism and improvement for all members of the AGSB community.
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