At AGSB we aim to nurture and develop business managers who are mature, professional and believe in ethical leadership. For our multicultural student body, we provide them with a cross-cultural experience and a cultural sensibility. As individuals, our students develop their skills and the ability to learn, extend their knowledge, and develop problem-solving skills.

The Faculty, who have experience both in academia and in business, industry, and commerce are able to infuse their experience into their teaching thus enabling the students to have a much wider understanding of the subject areas. As a dedicated group, the Multicultural Faculty provides a higher education that enables the students to be able to work in national or international organisations.

We are continuously seeking to develop our diverse business programs and curricula to ensure that we are at the forefront of subject matter delivered to the students in the evolving framework of the latest educational requirements. Our graduates attain to the highest ethical values which enable them to confront challenges and excel once they have graduated.


Prof. John Wilkes
Dean of Academics

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