Educational agents and counsellors need to be confident that the students they send abroad have their needs catered for. This should include good accommodation options and varied social and welfare support, as well as a good education and efficient meet and greet service.

QISAN also provides a referral service for students, educational agents and educational institutions worldwide.

Students may apply direct to QISAN for free advice, referral to an appropriate institution or to their nearest QISAN accredited agent.

AVDEP is :

  • An associative network – non-profit-making and apolitical – of private schools, regrouping general teaching and professional training organisms, day or boarding schools, established in the canton of Vaud and addressed to pupils and students of all age and origin, without discrimination of race or confession.
  • A panel of teaching programmes of higher education training syllabus and educational services in a prestigious multi-cultural environment. Diplomas, recognised worldwide, certify the quality and the reputation of the pedagogical stamp « Swiss-Schools ».
  • A group of boarding schools with international vocation and renown which offer a frame, high-level educational conditions and performances, responding to the needs and requirements of all nature and all origin.