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Crossroads of Europe: Placed between the lakeside communities of Montreux, famous for its world-renown Jazz Festival and Vevey, headquarters for the world-leading Nestlé, AGSB offers the ideal environment to obtain your business degree. International connections to all the major cities of Europe by rail or air in easy reach.

Established in 1991 under the leadership of four founders, AGSB offers academic excellence, quality assurance, flexibility and global acceptability.

Following the age old academic tradition set by the Intercollegiate Council, on Commencement Day, AGSB graduates don the black cap and gown with the degree related velvet-lined hood. The inner lining shows the Bordeaux and Gold school colors.

Through the years, keynote speakers such as Eugene Chaplin, Ambassador of Chile to the WTO, Director of Marketing Research for Procter & Gamble, and Executive Vice-President of Nestlé have participated in this celebratory event.

Download the application form from AGSB’s website (www.agsb.ch) or by directly contacting the Office of Admissions.

Applications are processed on a Rolling Admissions basis. Although deadlines are indicated on our website for referential purposes, applicants need not presuppose that applications forwarded after this date will be automatically deferred to the following semester.

Tuition costs and other fees can be found in the Finance rubric of the website (www.agsb.ch) and/or directly contacting AGSB’s Director of Finance.

AGSB is chartered under Swiss Law and recognized by the Department of Education of the Canton Vaud as an Institute of Higher Education. AGSB have recently been accredited by ECBE http://www.ecbe.eu/ which is an independent accreditation agency for universities. We are also in the process of renewing our accreditation with IACBE http://iacbe.org/  which is an American agency. AGSB is also an accredited member of Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities “ASIC” http://asicuk.com/. In addition, AGSB is a member of diverse professional organizations such as the Association Vaudoise des Ecoles Privées (AVDEP), SFPS is an association of Swiss Private Schools and Quality International Study Abroad Network (QISAN).

Generally speaking, financial aid is limited and is based on academic merit. AGSB’s eligibility to participate in the governmental loan program allows American students to apply and obtain a Stafford Loan or GMAC Program in order to pursue their university education. In addition, Swedish nationals can take advantage of the CSN financial package to study abroad at AGSB. We also encourage prospective applicants to seek out alternative measures such as endowment scholarships, government assistance, and corporate sponsorship.

Standardized test scores such as the TOEFL and GMAT are a part of the program Admissions Criteria. However, test scores are not the sole criteria for admission. Key attributes of the candidate screening process include academic endeavor and preparation, commitment to higher education and motivation to experience the score of internationalism.

Transfer articulations are an integral part of the admissions process. Decisions are taken by the Director of Admissions in reference to course and credit transfers.

An enriching facet of an American-based education is the interweaving of theory with practicum. Although a lengthy professional career is not required, applicants with work experience are favorably reviewed.

AGSB’s professional development program is aimed at professional’s active within an existing business environment. Thus, it address companies’ managerial development needs with a flexible and progressive curriculum. Graduates of this program are able to apply their newly acquired classroom knowledge in a relevant business environment. Course objectives are designed to make optimal use of the participants’ existing business experience by engaging them in conceptual discussions and simulated case studies.

Corporate Internships laterally benefit both business students and the companies they work for. In turn, this field-driven segment has become a key component in AGSB’s graduate degree programs.

A list of some of the career paths and placements chosen by our graduates:

  • Banking: UBS, Citibank, Credit Suisse
  • Advertising & Public Relations: Walt Disney World
  • Human Resource Management: Philip Morris
  • Product Management: Schindler, Renault, Norske Skog
  • Strategic Marketing:PLIVA, Pan Asia Paper
  • Consultancy: Lehman Brothers, Deloitte Touche
  • Accounting: Ernst & Young
  • Development: Aga Khan Foundation
  • Information Systems: Hewlett Packard, Quark Media House, AutoDesk
  • International Organizations:UNCTAD, ITC, WTO, ILO

If you begin a program of study and then wish to withdraw, you must advise the Administration in writing. If your visa or a permit was not issued, AGSB will refund accordingly to our Refund Policy.

Note: This process may take at least 3 months.

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