Why apply to our business school?

because you will have experience like no other

Cool Classes

All classrooms at AGSB have the latest technology and good quality business furniture. We provide the highest educational experience to our students. Many of the lectures at AGSB are set to be like a real life business meeting where the Professor is the chairperson and students are the participants.


Here at AGSB, we have very diverse and unique program each year. We have traditions like annual marathons, welcome drinks, and ski trips. Also, we visit main cultural events such as art shows or musical festivals (for example Montreux Jazz Festival). On the academic side, we have the large variety of industrial visits organized both by our professors and administrative staff. Companies like Nestle, Hublot, United Nations, and others are open for a visit for us on a yearly basis. It is a great experience, and we are very proud to be located within short distances from these large organizations.

Graduate Aid

AGSB has a very strict policy on payments. However, when it comes to aid, we are very flexible. We are open for discussions, and when we see that student is performing excellently, we can provide support, because we want to ensure you continue to have a high-quality education. AGSB is ready to give you a chance.



Our BSBA program offers a practical foundation in international business and a uniquely global undergraduate experience. It will prepare you for a competitive and critical thinking world.


Gain a broad understanding in all areas of international business and launch a global career. Prepare yourself for a whole new experience and become able to lead in the international business environment.


Develop and learn new skills required to operate at the highest level in global corporates. Top up your strategic thinking and be able to help solve contemporary global issues.


Foundation Programs

Our Foundation program has been designed to prepare students for a business environment. Completing this program, you will have some knowledge of the business climate, and it will be a great opportunity to ensure you have the necessary background before starting a Bachelor program.

Graduate Business Studies

Graduate Business Studies was developed for those who already have a Bachelor degree and would like to enhance their basic business knowledge. It is ideal for those students who would like to join our Master program but who do not have sufficient background from their bachelor degree.

Short Course

AGSB has a large variety of short intensive courses and programs. They have been developed for business people who wish to learn new skills or further develop existing skills. These courses can be given in any location.

“My primary goal in coming to AGSB was to continue my education and to receive a well-rounded academic background.   I chose AGSB because I believe that I can successfully attain my ambition for a good education that will assist me in my career endeavors and personal development. I was also pleased to see that AGSB’s curriculum included foreign language proficiency combined with a business background.”

Giorgi Jikia BSBA

“My previous work experience in the financial environment as a liaison gave me the opportunity to reevaluate my priorities in life.  I discovered that the aspects of the job that I enjoyed particularly were those that included being informed and initiating financial portfolios to a multi-cultural clientele.

Having consulted with numerous friends and colleagues, as well as having researched the available possibilities, my personal choice was to follow AGSB’s course of study.”

Chiara Brancoli Busdraghi BSBA
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