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Our History

AGSB, American Graduate School of Business was established in September 1991 as a non-profit, private institution of higher education. Subsequent to the discontinuation of the American College of Switzerland (ACS) in Leysin (as an aside, let it be stated that the defunct American College of Switzerland was accredited by the regional body, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools), four faculty members of this former institution proceeded to create an American-based institution.

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American Graduate School of Business

AGSB Leadership

“The mission of AGSB is the advancement of learning through teaching, scholarship and service to society: by offering to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students the best education available, by carrying out scholarly activities judged to be excellent when measured against the highest international standards and by providing service to society in those ways for which we are well-suited by virtue of our academic strength.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Business Management-learning centre; visit us whenever you are in this part of the world.”

“We are proud of the unique learning environment we have nurtured here at AGSB. The school’s special atmosphere is generated from a blend of dedicated and caring faculty, a small but select international student body and a sound academic program designed to prepare students to lead the world of business and meet the challenges of the future.

AGSB aims to develop in each student the principles of equality, multilingualism, a broad-based approach to entrepreneurship and a desire for continued intellectual growth.”

“At AGSB we aim to nurture and develop business managers who are mature, professional and believe in ethical leadership. For our multicultural student body, we provide them with a cross-cultural experience and a cultural sensibility. As individuals, our students develop their skills and the ability to learn, extend their knowledge, and develop problem-solving skills.

The Faculty, who have experience both in academia and in business, industry, and commerce are able to infuse their experience into their teaching thus enabling the students to have a much wider understanding of the subject areas. As a dedicated group, the Multicultural Faculty provides a higher education that enables the students to be able to work in national or international organisations.

We are continuously seeking to develop our diverse business programs and curricula to ensure that we are at the forefront of subject matter delivered to the students in the evolving framework of the latest educational requirements. Our graduates attain to the highest ethical values which enable them to confront challenges and excel once they have graduated.”


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