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Bachelor Of Science In Business Administration

Our BSBA program offers a practical foundation in international business and a uniquely global undergraduate experience. It will prepare you for a competitive and critical thinking world.

The AGSB undergraduate program is designed for the high school graduate with minimal work experience so that the participant will build on his/her knowledge and develop his/her skills to successfully contribute to any business organization in an entry-level general management position.

In year 1 of the bachelor’s program, courses focus on fundamental management concepts as applied to the business world, including accounting, economics, marketing, ethics and management.

You will start working on group projects to develop your interpersonal and leadership skills. You will also take courses in academic writing to enhance your communication skills.

By the end of your first year at the American Graduate School of Business, you will have acquired a set of core decision-making skills that will enable you to effectively deal with day-to-day problems in a business…

Interview BSBA Student

Master of International Business Administration

Gain a broad understanding in all areas of international business and launch a global career. Prepare yourself for a whole new experience and become able to lead in the international business environment.

The AGSB graduate program is designed for the successful undergraduate with some significant work experience so that the successful participant will gain the necessary skills and experience to successfully contribute to any business organization in a mid-level general management position.

In the master degree, you will integrate an innovative and complete approach to the activities of your organization.

You will acquire new skills in the use of new management tools.

You will benefit from a personalized follow-up with experts and get engaged in a practical and pragmatic high-level training with a highly qualified teaching team in line with the needs of…

Alumni from our Master program

Doctorate of Business Administration

The Doctoral Program at the American Graduate School of Business aims to incrementally develop students’ higher order business skills and competencies along with an enhanced emphasis on conducting and interpreting research. This program is differentiated from AGSB’s Masters in International Business (MIBA) degree which emphasizes professional business management with a global scope. While both the DBA and the MIBA continue to inculcate in students managerial training and competencies, the DBA further includes a higher emphasis on theoretical formulation and on conducting and interpreting research.

In keeping with the latter objective, doctoral business students are typically exposed to a wider variety of readings involving journal and research articles, as opposed to predominantly textbook based material. Further, the DBA students are expected to perform at an incrementally higher level regarding the analysis and synthesis of a wide range of…

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Our Foundation program has been designed to prepare students for a business environment. Completing this program, you will have some knowledge of the business climate, and it will be a great opportunity to ensure you have the necessary background before starting a Bachelor program.

BSBA Student from Mexico

Executive MBA Program

This Executive MBA Program has been specifically developed for the very busy professional who cannot detach themselves from their weekly chores. All has been done by AGSB to facilitate their acquisition of graduate knowledge by offering a plethora of study support material, personalised tutoring and a simplified logistic.

AGSB already has, in fact, a Full time MBA Program followed by student who can afford to detach themselves for a long period of time from their profession.

Furthermore AGSB professors have already a deep understanding of all the business issues taught, and several years of professional practice.

In synthesis our Executive Program is articulated…

AGSB Leadership

“The mission of AGSB is the advancement of learning through teaching, scholarship and service to society: by offering to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students the best education available, by carrying out scholarly activities judged to be excellent when measured against the highest international standards and by providing service to society in those ways for which we are well-suited by virtue of our academic strength.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Business Management-learning centre; visit us whenever you are in this part of the world.”

“We are proud of the unique learning environment we have nurtured here at AGSB. The school’s special atmosphere is generated from a blend of dedicated and caring faculty, a small but select international student body and a sound academic program designed to prepare students to lead the world of business and meet the challenges of the future.

AGSB aims to develop in each student the principles of equality, multilingualism, a broad-based approach to entrepreneurship and a desire for continued intellectual growth.”

“At AGSB we aim to nurture and develop business managers who are mature, professional and believe in ethical leadership. For our multicultural student body, we provide them with a cross-cultural experience and a cultural sensibility. As individuals, our students develop their skills and the ability to learn, extend their knowledge, and develop problem-solving skills.”


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