At AGSB, the administration, faculty and students look forward to preparing our graduates for exemplary conduct and performance as members of the society and leaders in the business community. In this process, it is important for all members of the AGSB family to stay connected.

The accomplishments of our alumni provide a boost for our students and faculty, and alumni feedback enhances the ability of our administration and faculty to develop and implement business education and training programs that will promote the success of our graduates when they go back to their communities and pursue professional careers.

To maintain an active link with our alumni, we are delighted to communicate with benefactors, alumni and friends, each semester through the AGSB Revue and Lake News. If you are not receiving this publication currently, please contact us.

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“I welcomed the challenge to enhance my business skills and my ability to apply those skills to real-world situations by enrolling in AGSB’s Master of International Business Administration (MIBA) program. As David L. Kurtz, an American educator and business writer, stated:​

«From Montreal to Munich to Melbourne, the world is too large and filled with too many diverse people and firms for any single marketing strategy to satisfy everyone.»

This is the most appropriate time in my life and I feel it is the time to broaden my horizons and to fulfill a dream of education and adventure.  I am confident that my work experience, professional ethics and positive attitude combined with the MIBA program offered by AGSB will best prepare me for future endeavors.”

Tiffany Elizabeth Buntyn MIBA

“My primary goal in coming to AGSB was to continue my education and to receive a well-rounded academic background.   I chose AGSB because I believe that I can successfully attain my ambition for a good education that will assist me in my career endeavors and personal development. I was also pleased to see that AGSB’s curriculum included foreign language proficiency combined with a business background.”

Giorgi Jikia BSBA

“My educational and career objectives will be the instruments and the evidence which will both assist and mark the materialization of my present situation into my ideal future.  I selected AGSB because I feel that AGSB’s curriculum and international constituent is the best forum for me to develop my quantitative, management and language skills.  AGSB offers an international milieu that will broaden my global perspective and provide me with the education and opportunities to initiate and facilitate my endeavor to be involved in business and international organizations.”

Candace Joan Gillen GBS/MIBA

“My previous work experience in the financial environment as a liaison gave me the opportunity to reevaluate my priorities in life.  I discovered that the aspects of the job that I enjoyed particularly were those that included being informed and initiating financial portfolios to a multi-cultural clientele.

Having consulted with numerous friends and colleagues, as well as having researched the available possibilities, my personal choice was to follow AGSB’s course of study.”

Chiara Brancoli Busdraghi BSBA

“AGSB brought my dream to reality.  My acceptance into the MBA program gave me the opportunity to further my studies, widen my personal experiences, sharpen my English language skills and even learn French.  I found the faculty members to have extensive international business experience, as well as an amicable and thoughtful approach.  An added advantage is the environment. Switzerland is a very beautiful country, the grand sight of the snowy mountains, the swans swimming on the lake…indescribable.  I can only say, thank you AGSB for having given me this chance, a precious chance in my life!”

Jacky Wang, P. R. MIBA

“Coming from a small country like Norway, I feel that it is important for me to experience diverse cultures and philosophies.  This is one of the reasons that I decided to study abroad.  Meeting people from different environments and cultures will give me more of a global understanding which I think is very important in today’s society.  In addition, one of my highest priorities has been to obtain a good education.  Living close to nature is also extremely important for me.  I think AGSB is the ideal school.”

Harald Chr. Maartmann BSBA

“Located in beautiful and peaceful Switzerland, I found that AGSB offers me the best opportunity of both academic and personal development in an international environment. The school integrates the excellence of American education with Swiss lifestyle.

The added advantage of being a relatively small institute, AGSB enables its students to receive individual attention and help from administration and faculty. The real life case studies, field trips and professional experiences of the professors serve to enhance our understanding of the theoretical classroom instruction and knowledge.
The experience at AGSB for me is a memory of a lifetime.”

Tracy Che FENG, P. R. BSBA

“AGSB is not just a university where I study, but it is a place with a friendly atmosphere, people who are kindhearted, staff who are always willing and helpful, and qualified faculty.  AGSB is a second home to me.”

Evgenia Belalutdinova BSBA

“Upon the advice of a friend, I came to AGSB with the goal to complement my practical knowledge of business with a more theoretical foundation.  My expectations were to receive an education of quality that would be recognized everywhere.  AGSB proved to be much more than just a ‘good school of business!’  I not only gained a thorough knowledge of business with emphasis on pragmatic problem-solving, as well as critical reasoning; in addition, I discovered that professors can be much more than individuals who measure and evaluate you academically.  They are advisors and concerned individuals.  Thanks to the faculty and the administration, a family spirit reigns at AGSB which serves to develop personal self-confidence.  Moreover, the international environment contributes to the feeling that the entire World belongs to us. I am proud to be part of the AGSB family.  This wonderful school will remain the major referent to each of its students.”

Kristijana Belamaric BSBA/MIBA

“Every day I spend at AGSB, I discover there is nothing more wonderful! The experiences that we have and the multicultural environment that we enjoy are unique.”

Modhey Al-Sabah BSBA

“AGSB has been like a second home for me and I have some very good memories here. I thank AGSB for providing me with the tools and experience I need to succeed in business.”

Jean-Paul Sciretta MBA

“Not only have I made new friend and had a great time here, but the personal attention I received from everyone at AGSB has helped me realize my full potential, both as a student and as an individual.”

Trygve Dyrlie BSBA

“I feel lucky to have found a high quality and truly international American institution in such a perfect setting to study: Switzerland. The school is competitive, the student body is diverse, and there is no other place where I would feel safer.”

Marcela Ellerbrock MIBA

“One of the most attractive features of the school is the diverse student body and experienced international faculty, which together promote a rigorous and multi-faceted learning experience applicable to all aspects of life.”

Robert Freese MIBA