Location and Parking

The AGSB campus is located along the breathtaking Swiss Riviera on the Lake Geneva.  Perfectly placed between the culturally rich and economically prosperous towns of Montreux and Vevey, the university is a stone’s throw away from world famous attractions such as the Montreux Jazz Festival and the corporate head quarters of Nestlé International.  Many global businesses have chosen to locate their global offices on this strip of lake Geneva, making it a breeze to travel comfortably using the highly efficient Swiss transport system.  Being at the heart of vast amounts of global business, gives our students an ideal advantage when seeking opportunities for work experience during the latter years of a long program of study such as the Business Masters.

The university is walking distance from local and national trains, buses and boat services, all of which are inter-changeable with the same ticket/destinations.  AGSB has spacious classrooms and cosy student facilities including student lounges, IT rooms and our classrooms offer breathtaking views of the Swiss alps which surround the campus building from every direction.

An abundance of local beaches, shops, cafés and cultural events give our students a wonderful and rich environment to live and study in Switzerland.

For those interested in finding us through a GPS system online, our address is:

Place des Anciens-Fossés 6
1814 La Tour-de-Peilz

(46.453140, 6.857516)

Spacious parking is available under the AGSB campus at additional cost.

Our offices are open from Monday through to Thursday every week from 10h00 to 16h00.

Visiting AGSB

We warmly welcome visitors to our campus and look forward to introducing our student and staff communities to you.

On arrival, visitors can expect to be taken on an organised tour of the campus to get a real feel for class based learning, student life, a chance to talk to our faculty and to gain first hand experience of wider matters such as accommodation, travel, local languages and Swiss culture.

Please do let us know in advance, when you plan on visiting and we look forward to welcoming you.

Campus Dress Code

The university places a high emphasis on creating and maintaining a professional environment, both on-campus and when representing the university off site. Dressing appropriately in accordance with normal business attire is considered beneficial to the learning experience. Additionally, as business students, we expect our learners to become accustomed with proper business attire prior to their professional exposure to the corporate world.

Although there is no specific set of instructions as to what students must wear, we expect our male students to wear a jacket and tie and a our female students to dress equally formally and business-like.

The university strongly discourages casual attire or footwear and will address inappropriate dress code when necessary.